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Mobile Surveys

Key Survey Mobile

Key Survey Mobile gives you the ability to collect, manage and leverage survey data anywhere, anytime. You increase response rates, capture valuable insights faster and increase collaboration across all departments involved in your survey program. Users enjoy a portable, consistent and branded mobile survey experience that adapts based on their survey responses and maps to your desired business process.

Enterprise Mobility

Capturing survey data remotely and digitally creates the opportunity to for the enterprise to react faster and effect change rapidly. Whether it’s interfacing with customer facing teams to follow up quickly with critical issues or to gain oversight of data collection operations as they are happening in real-time. Key Survey offers the business process management (BPM) functionality you need to become a more agile business.

Mobile Surveys

Mobile Survey Functionality

Key Survey offers a robust set of mobile functionality. For employees, the Key Survey mobile app acts as a portable hub that allows those users to access and execute surveys and forms, online or offline. For customers, Key Survey can identify if a survey is being opened via a mobile device and refine its look and feel to fit the device the customer is using.

Mobile Survey Design

Key Survey offers a variety of templates you can use to get your mobile survey programs up and running fast. You can tweak those templates how you wish or design your own template from scratch. A variety of touch friendly features, such as radio buttons and sliders, enhance the layout and provide the optimal user experience on any mobile device.

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