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Create the optimal user experience with advanced logic options.

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Logic & Branching

Key Survey offers a variety of logic features that give you the ability to customise a respondent’s path through a survey based on their responses. That pattern will vary based on rules that you define for the respondent or set of respondents.

Logic Types

Skip Logic – changes what question or page the respondent sees next based their response to the current question.

Branch logic – guides respondents through a survey displaying questions only pertaining to them based on previous responses.

Branch on rage logic – like traditional branch logic with the added feature of assigning a value to individual answer options.

Show/hide logic – for cases where you want to display (or hide) a question based on a criteria you define.

Interactive logic – more advanced version of branch logic that dynamically show/hides questions on the same page.

Advanced logic – similar branch logic with the added functionality of supporting multiple conditions.

Logic & Branching

Enhancing the survey experience

Logical transitions between questions or sets of questions are necessary for creating optimal user experiences that eliminate redundancies and increase completion rates. Asking irrelevant questions enhance the likelihood that a respondent will give random answers and compromise the integrity of collected survey data. Like a conversation, a questionnaire needs to maintain a consistent and appropriate flow that engages the respondent from beginning to end. Key Survey’s logic and branching options ensure an optimal survey flow and create the foundation better survey analytics.

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