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Enterprise Portal Software (EPS)

Key Survey’s enterprise portal software and solutions provide a centralised environment for collecting and managing critical enterprise data. Powered by flexible core technology, Key Survey offers limitless options to configure your enterprise portal to connect various programs, people, and data-driven operations on a single, unified access point.

Enterprise Portal Software (EPS)

Key features

  • Data collection and data management: Maintain and organise enterprise forms and survey programs in one easy to manage repository.
  • Workflow: Define each step of the business process, including task management and program integration.
  • User management: Control user profiles, trigger alerts, track approvals and send reminders.
  • Document management: Establish a single methodology for the design, production, distribution and storage of all surveys, forms, and documents.
  • Reporting and analysis: Track and measure data sets with various levels of reporting.

Ready for your Enterprise

  • Highly scalable for both vertical and horizontal scaling methodologies
  • Modular core technology for rapid development and deployment
  • Cluster configuration for automating collaboration and optimising UX

Work with a team of solution architects to define, develop and deploy an enterprise portal in a fraction of the time it takes to build one internally. Key Survey’s modular technology core and flexible API let you implement your ideal business process environment inside your own unique enterprise portal.

Starting with a unified access point (single sign-on, LDAP integration), you can tailor the user experience (and even the interface) based on the access levels and permissions you define. Once inside, the role-based interface lets a range of users interact with data collection instruments (surveys and forms), reports, dashboards and any other web services your organisation requires.

Our Approach

Given the highly customised nature of enterprise portals, the experts at Key Survey will generate a proof-of-concept (POC) at no cost to you, giving you the ability to test drive your solution before you have to make any decision. Get started today with a free consultation with a solutions expert.

Schedule a Personalised DEMO

Get in touch and we’ll schedule some time to review a completely customised Key Survey demo

We never share your information. Privacy Policy

+44 (0) 1252 551 600


Schedule a Personalized DEMO

Get in touch and we’ll schedule some time to review a completely customized Key Survey demo.

We never share your personal info – Privacy Policy

+44 (0) 1252 551 600


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We never share your personal info – Privacy Policy