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Automate task and event management within your survey programs.

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Data Workflow

Key Survey lets you manage the workflow sequences and approval processes your survey program requires. Built-in workflow functionality gives you the ability to streamline the interactions between collected survey data and the various people, programs and departments that depend on it. Creating this automated process environment enables a more responsive enterprise that can react rapidly to conditions on the ground and run deep analytics in real-time.

Workflow can be categorised into three stages:

  1. Data Capture
  2. Management
  3. Distribution

Workflow for automated data collection

From the front page of your survey solution, Key Survey lets you add advanced workflow functionality to streamline the process of collecting survey data. Automated features, such as data models, can be used to pipe in pre-existing data and auto-fill specific input fields on your survey. Specific questions can be configured to trigger alerts, create new events or addition surveys depending on how that question is answered.

Data Workflow

Workflow Management: people, process and technology

Built on top of a highly flexible technology core, Key Survey allows for deep workflow configurations to match the process infrastructure you already have in place. Customise your solution to ensure that the right people are looped into the process at the right time and all that information is integrated seamless with your existing ERP programs. Whether your needs are web, mobile or offline, Key Survey’s wide range of workflow and integration capabilities ensures your solution adds visibility and automates collaboration across your enterprise.

Workflow for data distribution

What happens after a survey is submitted is the most important part of the process. Luckily, that step is easily automated with Key Survey. Survey results can be used in a variety of ways, from creating new tasks and events to sending out emails notifications or additional surveys. Results can be exported into various file types and emailed instantly to ensure real-time visibility and insight analysis.

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