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Extend the capabilities of your survey solution with plugins.

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Application Plugins

Plug-ins are the extensions of the core application that can add new functionality to solve specific data collection requirements without altering the application's core. Key Survey technology offers a unique modular architecture that allows you to rapidly integrate any variety of customised plug-ins. This feature lets you seamlessly incorporate very specific functionality within weeks compared to the typical 6 to 9 month development cycle most applications require.


Ensure the right forms go to the right people. With Key Survey’s IP Address Saver and Google Map Integration plugins, you can control survey access based on a user's location, and even view their location on a map.

Application Plugins


Perhaps the most important part of a survey is what happens to the data after the survey is submitted. Key Survey’s Workflow plugin lets you configure where that information is routed to based on your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless survey process.


A bi-directional data flow ensures you’ll never have to double enter the same information twice. Key Survey’s Remote Data Sender plugin ensures information captured on a survey is automatically passed to the necessary systems and other third party software programs you use making sure data is always accurate and up to date.


Perfect for mobile audits, compliance and scored assessments surveys, the Scoring Plugin automates the process of scoring collected information once a survey is submitted. Whether you need a Pass/Fail, star rating or numeric indicator, Key Survey gives you an accurate read on captured information instantly, so you spend less time processing data and more time running your business.


A good user experience is expected, but a bad user experience can kill a business. Key Survey’s Logical Redirect plugin ensures the survey interface your users interact with is relevant and adaptive based on their individual responses. Configure the interface to effortlessly guide the user through each step of your survey.


Gain further control of your survey-based operations by restricting when a survey can be accessed. The Time & Day Access Restriction plugin lets you set up time intervals in which a survey can be viewed and completed.

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