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API Integration

Key Survey’s RESTful and JavaScript APIs give you the ability to seamlessly integrate collected survey data across the enterprise. The flexible core technology allows for deep configurations and bi-directional data flows between programs ensuring information and accurate and up-to-date. With over a decade of continued development and experience, Key Survey’s API has become one of the most powerful and flexible in the industry.

Custom Scripting and Questions

Key Survey’s wide range of custom scripting capabilities lets you build in custom actions and JavaScript code into your surveys. Based on parameters you define, these customised actions act as the automated gate keepers for how information is piped to and from the survey. Once this custom framework is built, you can easily add it to any of your surveys to increase visibility and automate collaboration with other people and programs.

API Integration

Professional Services: Let us do the coding!

If you don’t have the time or resources to code these custom actions yourself, Key Survey’s team of Solution Architects will code it for you. This is perfect option for companies facing the build vs. buy decision because of more complex solution requirements.

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