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Voice of the Customer Solutions

Increase customer loyalty and enhance your reputation with a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution configured to your specific enterprise needs. Key Survey’s robust feature set and engagement model ensure your VoC surveys are administered at the right time and in the right place, producing the most valuable results.

Key Survey gives you the ability to create a multi-channel distribution program that matches your business channels and points of customer interaction to capture feedback at the ‘moments of truth’ you define. That high quality data generated from a comprehensive VoC solution with Key Survey means that you can become more responsive to problems and changing conditions across your enterprise that could negatively impact profitability.

Key Survey’s Voice of the Customer solutions typically include:

  • Multichannel distribution (web, mobile, mobile-offline)
  • Automated alerts and escalations
  • Task management
  • Data workflow
  • API integration
  • Dynamic BI Dashboards with drill-down functionality
Voice of the Customer Solutions

Why a Voice of the Customer program is so valuable?

The reason a comprehensive VoC solution is so valuable is because there truly is no other way to understand the complete journey your customers experience. The various touch points, services, products and staff members they interact with present different experiences – and rather than focus on just one of them, Key Survey lets you monitor all them within the same application.

We practice what we preach

What you don’t get with other VoC solution providers is a team of experienced experts that will work with you every step of the way. From mapping out your solution to its development and implementation, Key Survey is there to ensure your VoC solution is a total success. And if any questions arise afterwards, Key Survey’s 24/5, 365 support staff is there for you via phone, email and live chat to with help you need when you need it – because after all, your voice matter most.

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