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Give your business the competitive advantage by moving your market research program to Key Survey. Equipped with the industry’s most robust feature set, Key Survey has all the tools and technologies your researches need to generate valuable market and consumer-driven insights.

Program Features:

DIY Market Research Tools: Build, manage and deploy high-powered surveys quickly and easily.
Panel Management: Manage respondents intuitively with Key Survey’s Contact Manager
Sampling: Key Survey offers network of sample providers that can help meet the most demanding screening criteria.
Project Management: Key survey’s team of experts can help you manage any or all of the stages of your research project.
Data Analytics: From simple charts and graphs to fully custom BI dashboards, Key Survey offers the level of reporting you need.

Market Research Surveys

Managing panelists to deliver the best results

A panel is a group of people who agree to participate in surveys. To ensure that the panel is representative of the survey population it is important to recruit people from a mixed demographic background with the characteristics relevant to your research objectives.

Recruiting a panel of respondents has many benefits:

  • Allows quick feedback from a relevant group of respondents
  • More cost effective when running multiple surveys
  • Achieves better response rates from engaged respondents
  • Enables targeting of surveys to specific respondents

A panel of respondents can be managed effectively so that it is always made up of a representative sample of respondents. Individual response rates can be tracked and monitored so that non-responders can be removed and replaced with new panel members to maximise the quality of the returned data.

Key Survey’s panel management capabilities allow you to manage your respondent lists through automatic synchronisation, manual entry or a little bit of both. Research panels can be monitored using a scoring system based on recent activity. In addition to standard profile data, filter your invites based on previous survey responses.

With WorldAPP Panel management solutions you can leverage known respondents’ survey habits, previous responses and data from external systems to create shorter, more relevant surveys.

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