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DCIG Analysis Suite

Powered by WorldAPP’s technology, the DCIG Analysis Suite is an online data visualisation tool that lets you run comprehensive market assessments and executive competitive analysis on the technology or product of your choice.

The DCIG Analysis Suite consists of two components. The first is a DCIG Survey System that puts in the hands of organizations the tool they need to first ask the right questions about any product. By then providing answers to these questions and associating a weighted score with each answer, they may then objectively arrive at the most appropriate conclusion for them.

The DCIG Analysis portal is the other half of the DCIG Analysis Suite as it offers the added horsepower of an interactive BI dashboard. This unique data visualisation interface allows anyone with basic computer skills to view, sort, filter, compare and print the data and analysis that they have completed.

The Interactive Buyer’s Guide feature within the DCIG Analysis Portal provides two simple ways to interact with and print your market and/or product assessment data and analysis:

  • Rankings and Scores – Overall market assessment, executive competitive assessment
  • Build a Brief – Customise product comparison highlighting supported functionality

These two options bring together and present all of the previously collected data in the DCIG Survey System into a single, centralised solution. Buyers, sellers and manufacturers of hardware and software genuinely benefit when searching for information about competing products and services.

Every organization wants to feel confident that it is making the best market assessment or product buying decision possible. However to date that has been almost impossible to accomplish in a way that is both meaningful and easy to do.

The DCIG Analysis Suite changes this reality. The DCIG Survey System gives organizations the tool to ask and answer the right questions while the DCIG Analysis Portal equips them to identify and analyze their results when they are done. In so doing, the DCIG Analysis Suite uniquely positions organizations to self-govern objective market assessments or product buying decisions for their environment as the final results will reflect their specific requirements and priorities.

Pricing Structure:

  • DCIG Analysis Suite: $49,995 (MSRP)
  • Annual Maintenance: $24,995
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Browser Requirements

* DCIG Online Survey System Only
Browser Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Windows V8.0+ V3.0.x+
Macintosh No V3.0.x+
Linux / GTK2 No V2.0.x+*
* DCIG Online Survey System Only
Safari Google Chrome Opera
V3.0+ V4.0+ V9.5+*
V3.0+ No No
No No No
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