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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction ratings have powerful effects. They focus employees on the importance of fostering great customer experiences and relationships. They also have the ability to bring in to light any problems or changing conditions that can negatively impact the profitability of your business.

By moving your customer satisfaction programs to Key Survey, you gain access to the industry’s most robust survey tool with years of experience delivering high-powered customer satisfaction solutions. Advanced survey options let you create the optimal survey experience for your customers that promotes participation and produces a volume of meaningful results for managers to analyse and act on.

With a customer satisfaction solution from Key Survey, you can run:

  • Site Intercepts
  • Post-purchase evaluations
  • Lifecycle satisfaction tracking
  • And more…
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Turning customers into advocates

Understanding why you win and how to improve customer loyalty starts with having the right data collection instruments that generate the most meaningful results. Knowing when and where to capture customer feedback can make all the difference in the overall value of your survey results. Key Survey offers web, mobile and mobile-offline functionality giving you the ability to get directly in front of your customers, wherever they are, ensuring the best, most valuable response data. Timing is also extremely important to enhancing the integrity of your survey data, that’s why Key Survey lets you automate how often you engage your customers and track that.

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