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Statistics and Analytics

Effective analysis of your data is essential if you want to get the most out of your research project.

WorldAPP provides advanced analytics tools so that you can generate a range of statistics to maximise the value of your quantitative data and gain actionable insight.

The KeySurvey reporting tool allows you to:

  • Produce frequency tables
  • Filter and cross-tabulate your data
  • Calculate statistics such as mean, median and mode
  • Perform statistical significance testing

WorldAPP analytics is a powerful reporting solution that works seamlessly with Key Survey offering even more functions and features including:

  • Quick multiple cross-tab generation
  • Automatic statistical significance testing using a variety of tests

WorldAPP's team of research professionals can provide advice on the best way to analyse your data, or carry out insightful analysis on your behalf.

We can run frequencies and cross-tabulation reports, as well as performing more advanced statistics such as significance testing and regression analysis extracting all the important findings from your data to produce a report that matches your exact research needs.

Our research team can provide any analysis you require from eye-catching graphical reports to detailed written reports with actionable insight.

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