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Sample Respondents

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Sampling is used to gain information about a population when a full census is not practical. In order for your results to be representative of the population you are surveying, you must ensure that you select an appropriate sample of respondents.

To determine the appropriate sample size, the estimated response rate and desired accuracy of the final results must be taken into consideration. The greater the survey sample size the smaller the error margin, and the more reliable your survey results will be.

WorldAPP's team of experienced researchers can advise on and conduct the most appropriate sampling procedure for your research project, including:

WorldAPP will ensure your sample of respondents is appropriately sized and fully representative of your survey population in order to achieve statistically significant and accurate findings.

Panel Respondents

WorldAPP can also supply panel respondents through a comprehensive network of partners. By working with multiple sample providers WorldAPP can meet the most demanding screening criteria.

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