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Campaign Management

Key Survey's Professional Services Team can help you through any or all of the stages of conducting a successful employee survey campaign.

Design the survey plan
Make the right decisions about what employees to target and how to reach them best. Talk to our team about your project and we will work with you to refine the methodology.

Ask the right questions
Our professional services team will help you align and formulate your survey questions to ensure your objectives will be satisfied.

Program the survey
Our professionals will program your survey making sure that you can take advantage of Key Survey's full feature set. Get assistance customizing your surveys and streamline the branding strategy across all facets of your business.

Launch and manage your survey professionally
We will develop your invitation wording to maximize your response rate and Key Survey will automatically send out the necessary reminder notifications to those who have not yet responded.

Analyze results for executive insight
Once your survey campaign is complete use WorldAPP Analytics to analyze your data through cross-tabulations and advanced statistics.

Key Survey has many levels of reporting. You can use a basic PowerPoint or Word report to tell your data's story. If you want more advanced reporting you can opt for a customized BI dashboard.

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