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Employee Surveys

Figuring out how to cut costs without losing top performers is one of the biggest challenges for today's business owners and managers. Key Survey provides your teams accurate metrics and the ability to collect unlimited honest, flexible, immediately useful employee survey information. Knowledge is power, and we give you critical employee survey insight - by making it easy for employees to open up and share what they know about the organization where they work. That helps you make smarter decisions that support your workforce and your financial bottom line.

Give Employees a Voice

  • WorldAPP provides easy to use, highly confidential tools for conducting employee surveys that employees can respond to conveniently and anonymously (optional).
  • Customize surveys to suit different departments or levels of responsibility within the company. Whether your company is small or large - local or global - Key Survey can facilitate the kinds of ongoing interactive dialogs you need to maintain with employees.

Prevent Survey Fatigue

Key Survey lets you gather employee input in a convenient and cost effective manner that capitalizes upon human resources without overburdening them.

Attracting employees who represent the cream of the crop - and keeping them from leaving your organization - is the key to success for businesses when it comes to human resources. Key Survey helps you to better understand employees and gauge their job satisfaction and other performance factors, for winning results everyone can measure.

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