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Respondent Management

WorldAPP respondent management solutions allow you to engage customers smarter and more effectively, combining branding and personalization custom tailored content, compelling to each respondent.

You can manage your respondent lists within Key Survey through automatic synchronization, manual entry or a little bit of both.

  • For HR surveys it becomes easier to autofill unique information about your respondents (e.g. location, department, etc.) while still keeping respondents anonymous if desired.
  • For customer lists, maintain complete control over the frequency with which any user may survey the database.
  • Research panels can be monitored for health using a scoring system based on recent activity. In addition to standard profile data, filter your invites based on previous survey responses.

Get better results and higher response rates
With WorldAPP respondent management solutions you can leverage known respondents' survey habits, previous responses and data from external systems to create shorter, more relevant surveys.

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