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Seamlessly integrate Key Survey into your existing applications or build your business process around Key Survey's core functionality. Integration allows you to collect and analyze data, leverage existing data, and deliver it directly to decision makers real-time.

WorldAPP provides API calls that streamline integration and implementation processes. API calls allow the integration of our application into your current corporate IT infrastructure.

Should your team be light on resources, WorldAPP is ready to provide the programming and deployment services to assist you with your integration requirements.

Powerful and Flexible

Key Survey application can talk directly to your other systems, making it easy to share valuable feedback throughout your organization. With a flexible API and a wide array of communication conduits, Key Survey seamlessly integrates with nearly any existing application. This eliminates the need to re-enter any captured data into systems. In addition, you can feed relevant information directly into Key Survey. The collected response data automatically updates existing business systems and promotes more in-depth and consistent analysis over time.

Key Survey's API enables users to:

  • Automatically send surveys after each pre-defined event, such as a sale or customer service contact
  • Create relevant survey questions based on the individual customer's profile stored in your database
  • Create custom reports for decision makers
  • Integrate historical customer survey responses into the company's CRM
  • Implement nationwide survey distribution by matching API data with popular online map applications, such as Google Maps

To make integration even easier, the Key Survey API SOAP interface supports a growing number of languages including Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, OCAML, Ruby, and XML. In addition, SOAP request/response messages enable users to identify errors without sending requests to Key Survey's support team.

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