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BI Dashboards

Key Survey bridges the gap between raw data and smarter business decisions with dynamic drill down dashboards tailored to your specific data management challenges. Build an advanced BI solution providing real-time visibility into metrics and delivering the integrated business insights you and your team need to succeed.

Features That Do More
Drive smarter decisions based on data, such as customer satisfaction scores broken down by store, division, location or product purchase. Use interactive filters to manipulate your data more efficiently. Unlock hidden correlations by combining multiple survey responses into one dashboard. Leverage Key Survey's universal search function to mine through massive amounts of information. Create your own key-word-clouds to get a dramatic visual of what really matters and what needs your immediate focus. Start building your own dashboard with the free trial.

Dashboard Integration
Connect your departments. Get them collaborating with integrated access to actionable data that is specific to their projects. Import additional data from other internal systems or overlay response data with external feeds for a more comprehensive picture.

Password Protection
Manage access and permissions by group, department or individual. Keep your information on a need-to-know basis with username/password protection including Single Sign On and LDAP.

What's Next

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