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CRM Integration

Key Survey integrates easily with all major CRM applications. This lets you maximize workplace efficiency and ensure accuracy of your customer data.

Key features:

  • Leverage survey data to automatically update client info in your CRM system.
  • Auto-populate your surveys with client info contained in your existing CRM system.
  • Set workflows to auto-trigger surveys from your CRM system.
  • Support out-of-the box software such as Sales Force with additional integration capabilities available through Key Survey's open API toolset.

Point and Click Integration

With Key Survey's data collection software you can easily survey your existing leads or contacts, capture new leads, and track support cases. Create any custom object in to store and capture your most important data.

The integration procedure is flexible and straightforward.

  • Create your survey.
  • Select a object to integrate with.
  • Map your questions (form fields) to specific object fields.
  • Receive a link that you can distribute via or embed into your website.

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