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Online Training Sessions for Key Survey Users

WorldAPP cordially invites you to participate in our online training sessions. Integrating valuable user feedback, we've carefully designed each session to address the unique needs of our subscribers.

Participate conveniently from any location with an internet connection. Learn easy ways to get the most out of your subscription and get answers to our most frequently asked questions. Enjoy step-by-step instruction on how to use our most popular features. Get answers to your pressing questions, quick tips and solutions.


Build intuitive cloud-based surveys and web forms with ease. This video walk-through demonstrates how you can create and manage your own data collection tool on the WorldAPP Platform.

Learn how to navigate through Key Survey's web-based software and build professional surveys to suit your unique business needs. Create your own survey from scratch or adapt any one of our 200 templates.

Discover the simple steps to launching powerful campaigns via email, web, or kiosk. Learn how to access and manage workflow alerts and send follow-up reminders to maximize user response.

Enjoy step-by-step instruction on how to navigate through Key Survey interface to manage your surveys to suit your business processes.

Gain step-by-step instruction on building customizable reports to help evaluate and present survey data to key decision-makers. You'll also learn how to export reports into various file formats including PDF and Excel.

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