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Demo Videos

A video series designed to address the particular requirements of our users. So do take some time to watch them and feel free to share with your colleagues, too!

Quick Tour  

From the simplest survey to the most sophisticated requirements, WorldAPP solutions allow you to automate your online data collection process and ensure complete accuracy. On top of an industry-leading off-the-shelf tool we offer custom solution development to ensure that your needs are covered 100%. Just watch this short and entertaining quick tour to see what the deal is :)

Interface and Usability

In V8, improving the look and feel of the application has been one of the main priorities. We made the application simpler by making your favorite features easier to locate and use. The application is also more feature-rich and has a fresher, more up-to-date design.

Survey Creation & Design

Powerful survey creation and design capabilities have always been one of the key strengths of Key Survey. In the V8 release we have improved the survey creation capabilities even more by giving our customers an enhanced Layout design interface, email alerts, reminders and a number of plugins that introduce more interactive and flexible question types.

Enhanced Reporting

The V8 release makes creating reports more customizable and powerful with inline report editing and advanced filter types. It also provides more methods when exporting data out of Key Survey to be leveraged by other tools and applications.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is one of the most exciting changes introduced in V8. Contact manager acts as a customizable database of contacts, where users are given complete freedom to add any contact information needed. Contact Manager may be used to build survey respondent panels, lists of customers or employees or anyone who may participate in the surveys. Data from the Contact Manager may be pre-populated into the surveys and survey responses may be used to update the Contact Manager.

Participant Portal

In the V8 release, we've introduced a completely new way to deliver your surveys: publishing surveys on Participant Portal. Participant Portal is a secure centralized location where all of the surveys available to the respondent are listed. Access to the portal and surveys require a login and password, which ensures that unauthorized users will not have access to the surveys.

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