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Archived Webinars

A webinar series designed to provide you with the information you need to achieve insight, action, and uplift for all your data collection initiatives.

WorldAPP Offline Improvements  

Discover how WorldAPP is revolutionizing Enterprise Mobility with its new Offline mobile app - WorldAPP Offline

Offline Data Collection

Our team is covering the features, interface, and all the operational benefits of WorldAPP's new Offline mobile app such as: Collecting your enterprise information on your Apple or Android devices in areas where internet is unavailable; Synchronizing your online web forms and surveys to work offline.

Autumn '12 Release

See the latest software enhancements now available to you inside WorldAPP applications: custom data models, new lookup questions, numerous security level-ups...and more!

Summer '12 Release

See why WorldAPP's Summer '12 release is being called a revolution in data collection software. Tour the new features and functionality now available inside the platform.

Online Forms

See the demo of the development and usage of web forms, as well as, workflow integration all within WorldAPP's Data Collection Platform.

Contact manager

Watch this webinar to discover new ways to store and manage your contacts via Contact Manger. Learn more about the innovative method to distribute your surveys - Participant Portal.

New Features Overview

Learn more about new functionality developed in response to customer demand. See the powerful, compelling reports with dynamic reporting features in action.

Professional Surveys

Explore five ways to leverage your Key Survey subscription to its full potential. Discover easy ways to build professional surveys, with effectively worded questions, to impress and engage your business partners, empower your employees, emancipate your company knowledge and enable you to streamline your business processes.

WorldAPP Analytics

Take your reporting and analysis to the next level with WorldAPP Analytics. Join our webinar and learn more how to analyze any Key Survey dataset, create and export charts to illustrate findings and even more.

Multi-lingual Surveys

Create a single survey, translate it into ANY number of languages using ANY international character set. Double byte characters are not a problem! Let us show you how to display Arabic and Hebrew text right-to-left or bi-directional when needed!

WorldAPP Capabilities

If you still use Key Survey as a survey tool - it's time to broaden the horizons. Join WorldAPP staff to review the new Key Survey features and extensions that can take your data collection to the next level.

WorldAPP Plugins

Want more user friendly surveys? Could your forms be gathering even more data? Check the 'WorldAPP Plugins: You've got the Power' webinar, where we discuss what Plugins are and how they can be used to empower you to create more versatile surveys and forms!

Key Survey Reporting - Advanced Features Demo

We conducted a customer satisfaction survey and discovered that there is a lot of interest in learning about some advanced features and workarounds in Key Survey reports. Learn more about advanced filters, comparison reports, interval vs. ordinal data, crosstabs & advanced crosstabs, report rules & external report links, export, publish, email reports, a peak at upcoming report functionality.

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