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Within our resource center below, you will find valuable information that will enable you to enhance your business with proven concepts and best practices.


Questionnaire Design and Surveys Sampling

Whitepapers Archive

What is the purpose of the survey? What kinds of questions the survey would be developed to answer? What sorts of actions is a company considering based on the results of the survey? Find the answers to these and many other questions here.


Create Surveys With Ease

Here at Key Survey, we have founded our entire business on providing that service for business owners so that they can focus on the more important, pertinent things.

Best Practices and How-To

How To Create a Panel Survey

This document goes over the steps for using Logical Redirect and Quota With Redirect Plugins, as well as other features, to set up a survey that will be distributed by a third party panel company.

Survey Tips

Keep it simple

Survey Tips

Do not make reading and answering questions an effort or labor on the part of respondents. The questions should be easy to understand and easy to answer without confusion. Use language that even a child could understand, if possible, and try to limit answers instead of asking for elaborate responses.

WorldAPP Community

Community-powered support

Inspiration, stories and how-to examples for your data collection projects.

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