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Survey Software

Key Survey is different from other online survey tools. Why? We are the only sophisticated survey application that specializes in providing custom solutions to meet the needs of large enterprises. Our solutions typically include custom portals, complex data collection, integrated workflow, and intuitive drill down dashboards.

While other online survey software limits you to their out-of-the box feature set, Key Survey will develop a completely integrated data collection application tailored to your specific business process needs. For a comprehensive overview, please schedule a demo and briefly include what you are trying to accomplish.

Unique Functionality

In addition to the hundreds of advanced features expected from a high-end survey tool (advanced logic, piping, randomization, etc.), Key Survey is equipped with:

  • Tabbed surveys for easier respondent navigation
  • Score calculations
  • Logical CSS for custom styling
  • Predictive Text Input
  • Custom user portals
  • Flexible API
  • Solution specific plug-ins

Survey Integration

Collect your data from various mediums and consolidate that information all into a single reporting engine. As participants submit their responses via email survey, web links, mobile devices, offline devices, paper, IVR touchtone and spoken-word, this data can be sent to start workflow for approval, send email alerts, or create tasks in another system for follow up.

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