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Portal Solutions

Key Survey's self-service portals let you manage your respondents easily and seamlessly throughout the entire data collection process. The portal acts as a gateway for your users where they can log in and access forms and information instantly. On the admin side, portals give you complete control. You can build in the appropriate access levels and user permissions according to the task at hand. This will enhance user experience by funneling users to the appropriate information, while keeping all other data safe.

Key Features

  • Document Management: Maintain and organize all documents of your organization from the time they are created in one easy to manage repository.
  • Workflow: Define each step of the business process, improving task management and program integration.
  • User Management: Control user profiles, trigger alerts, track status, and send reminders.
  • Forms Management: Establish a single methodology for the design, production, and distribution of all forms within your organization.
  • Reports Management: Analyze and monitor the usage and demand for all elements within your portal across your organization.

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