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Integration and API

Unlock actionable insights within your data sets using WorldAPP's integration technology.

Here are some examples:

  • Trigger surveys from other systems based on an event (e.g. closing a help-desk ticket)
  • Pre-fill visible or hidden questions with information (e.g. customer demographics, account manager name, etc.)
  • Create new tasks/objects in other systems based on survey responses (e.g. follow up for a dissatisfied customer)
  • Push data into a data-warehouse on submission
  • Create surveys on the fly based on data in another system and launch automatically

Integration and API

Event Triggers: Time Triggers:
Product purchase;
Customer complaint;
Product inquiry;
Forms request;
New subscription;
Web site sign-up;
Job Application.
Vacation forms; Tax forms;
Subscription renewals;
Time based billing cycle;
ISO customer sat metrics;
Annual employee evaluations;
Inventory control;
Expense forms.
The Enterprise database initiates an event or time triggered request linked to the specific respondent's profile then passes the requested data through the API to the WorldAPP application.
The WorldAPP application selects the necessary survey/form template then populates it with respondent data received through the API. This personalized survey/form is automatically emailed to the respondent.
The respondent - who may be a customer, employee, vendor or stakeholder - fills in the survey or form.
Note: Application can automatically send reminders to anyone who fails to respond to the first request. The completed survey response is submitted and passed back to the WorldAPP application.
The WorldAPP application processes respondent feedback. Response data is sent to the Enterprise database. Respondent feedback may also be sent to create and then email real-time reports to designated recipients. The Enterprise database is updated with respondent feedback, which may trigger another event and repeated process.

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