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Key Survey leverages dynamic BI dashboards to make analyzing data accessible to both, high level executives and non-technical users. The drill down technology employs the power of visual analysis to make your data more insightful, interactive, and actionable.


  • No learning curve - Anyone can drill down and choose data filters instantly and intuitively.
  • No lag - Our BI dashboards in memory processing allows you to manipulate huge amounts of data without delay.
  • Feed data from multiple surveys or forms into a single, centralized repository.
  • Conduct time series and trend analysis.
  • Print or export reports and data slices into the format of your choosing.

Take a look at some sample BI Dashboards and call us to discuss your needs: +44(0)8451 303345.

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To learn more about BI dashboards call us +44(0)8451 303345.