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Use Cases

Each of Key Survey users has a story to tell. They share them on our community. We hand-picked the best use-cases for you to show you how our customers implemented Key Survey solutions - and how their businesses have benefited.

  • Key Survey's role in CI's award winning product

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    Consumer Intelligence (CI) needed to interact with members of our mystery shopping panel and provide a seamless process for telephone mystery shopping of Home & Motor insurance products. We needed to guide shoppers, via an online portal, to complete a series of six phone calls followed by surveys. In addition, there were two final wrap-up surveys. Multiple surveys were needed for each shopper. The whole process had to be controlled by our own portal so that shoppers could be paid or followed up if they failed to complete.

  • Discrete Choice Experiment in Health

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    We needed to value two health assessments using a discrete choice experimental design (e.g.., we showed each respondent a pair of scenarios describing health and asked which scenario the respondent would prefer to live in).

    This required an extraordinarily complex questionnaire design that presented all possible combinations of all possible responses as described by each questionnaire. Each scenario had to be presented a certain number of times in order to achieve statistical efficiency.

    The chances of this occurring in a randomly generated design were very small, simply due to the vast number of possible health scenarios.

  • Key Survey used to manage Assessments

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    Our CEO's assistant was working to complete organizational assessment leads coming through our website. The volume and size of the organizations interested in the assessments were continuing to grow. The survey that used to be supplied to a singular hospital of leaders was now being requested by hospital systems with as many as 250 facilities.

  • Renown Health uses Key Survey to expand and streamline Mystery Shopping Program

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    The tracking, data input and reporting component alone were taking approximately one hour each. We started with 15 lobbies but when we started expanding the program, it quickly became burdensome and inefficient.

    Today We use Key Survey and have more than 105 First Impression areas that are audited - you can easily see how the initial method could not support an expansive program.

  • Benchmarking in an Instant

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    In the past, we just mailed a big long survey including all the questions for different functional areas to each organization that we have members and have the recipients of the survey to pass around to the related staff to complete. This process was not only time consuming but also required a lot of work and energy from the members who received the survey to pass the survey around to those who are appropriate to complete specific portion of the survey within their organizations. Thus it was hard for us to get a good response rate for this study and provide our members with timely benchmarking information.

  • Agency Party E-vite

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    We were celebrating our company's 40th anniversary and because the agency's creative resources were maxed out, the research department took on the task of creating an e-vite to the celebration. Not being a particularly savvy group of creative minds, we immediately went to our favorite online survey tool, Key Survey. Hey, they aren't always business challenges!

  • Simple survey solution saves hours of work

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    Since summer is a peak season for our customers we needed a way to allow our customers to select from a twelve-week window of dates to implement the new software.

  • Global surveys made easy

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    We had to provide 360 feedback profiles for 100 people within a month period prior to participation in a Leadership Development programme. We had previously undertaken this process over a much longer period, using traditional pen and paper techniques, but the administration process was extreme.

  • Keeping in Touch with Customer Feedback

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    Hampton Golf manages 22 municipal, semi-private and private Golf Clubs in the Southeast, along with residential communities, recreational facilities and more.

    With literally thousands of residents and members to stay in contact with, we needed an easy, effective and efficient tool to collect opinions and suggestions from our clients' members and residents.

  • Employee Retention survey process improved

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    To conduct year round employment surveys, including a retention survey (after two months of employment) and a transfer survey (after completing an interdepartmental transfer).

    This is a challenging task as senior leadership wanted high participation and we needed to capture good demographic information on the respondents.

    In the past the demographic questions on surveys were self reported by respondents which left huge room for error, and all the demographic questions had to be reviewed for accuracy.

  • Focus Group Recruitment through Social Media Integration

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    By using this online approach, we save ourselves and our clients from the cost and complexity of face-to-face recruitment.

  • Powerful online research

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    We conduct online research on a regular basis to gather consumer insight about our advertising campaigns, product launches. Prior to working with WorldAPP, we were lacking flexibility in various fields, such as questionnaire design, technical issues, number of consumer answers, frequency of reporting, technical support...

  • UIC Freight Survey

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    We are currently running a university and state DOT sponsored survey concerning freight movement in the United States. Basic shipping information needs to be collected from industries that regularly ship or receive freight so it can be analyzed.