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We offer a number of innovative, scalable, and extensible solutions to help you collect, manage and leverage data flows. Here are the solutions that will help you better gather, integrate, and understand your customers, markets and employees:

Integrated Data Engineering Applications

IDEAS - Integrated Data Engineering Applications - custom data management solutions on the web that involve collecting data, integrating data across multiple databases or applications or displaying data in dashboards.

IDEAS help you tackle a broad range of tasks - from customer response surveys to R&D, employee time-tracking and sales follow-up. We offer dynamic, robust solutions that can seamlessly talk to your current data collection applications - fully tailored to your needs. We, then, wrap it all up into captivating single-click reports, charts and graphs. So you save hours of administrative time and get straight to the critical trends that affect your bottom line.

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Online Survey Tool

Key Survey - a sophisticated data collection, data analysis, and data presentation tool for companies that demand total control and flexibility over the survey process.

Key Survey allows you to create and launch professional-looking surveys, collect response data, integrate it into your current enterprise environment and generate real-time reports. Key Survey web-based software is easy to use and it delivers all the features you need to conduct sophisticated, multi-channel, multi-language surveys. Simply design and distribute your survey, then collect and analyze your data.

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Web-based Forms and Data Collection Solution - enterprise-class data collection technology that allows organizations to extend the reach of their form-based business processes to everyone with online access: employees, partners and customers. helps you gather information through the Web forms and seamlessly integrate the data into all your existing enterprise databases and applications, including your CRM, ERP, Help desk, Call center, and HR systems. The solution provides flexible design and advanced features that can be used to streamline any business process that uses forms to collect data. can reduce the costs of form design, deployment and management.

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